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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Our Members


I am the Future
Illini Rule
Armed Maniac
Chopper Head
Mmmm Butter
The Condor
Dr. Yosh

Big Brother
I am the Future

Upper Party
Mmmm Butter

-MiniPax (Illini Rule, Armened Maniac, Dr. Yoshi, Mmmm Butter)
-MiniTrue (I am the Future, RoboPig)
-MiniPlenty (Chopper Head, Koondrad, The Condor)
-MiniLuv (Dr. Yoshi, The Condor, Armed Maniac)

Friday, December 16, 2005

Principles Of IngSoc

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength
The Goals and Ideas of IngSoc
Ingsoc exsists for the purpose of Expanding the Nation of *Oceania.
*Oceania is the surpreame nation and all other nations deserve to be removed.
The Party is all knowing.
Because the party is all knowing it is trusted with the care of all people.
The worst of all crimes is that of thought.

Thought Crimes
The party holds the right to eliminate the people if they seem to be a threat.
Any one who seems strange is probably commiting thought crime.
If a member thinks someone else of thought crime should tell the thought police imidiatley.
Anyone who turns in a member of the upper party for thought crime will take over their position.
Thought police hold extreme authority and have the right to remove any member of the upper party if necesary.
If a upper party member is removed they are allowed to stay as members of the party.
Ordinary party member can not be acused of thought crime.
Their will be 3 thought police who will be appointed by the Upper Party.

The Party and Foreign Policy
The party considers all other countries to be evil and corrupt.
Since other nations are evil, it is our job to destroy them.
Through war if necesasary.communication with all inferrior nations is unnecesary.
Oceania though the most deserveing nation in the world must have freinds, so for every nation we are at war with we must have one allie.
No city will be raised.
The work force produced from that city is necesary.

Party Members
All citizens of *Oceania are broken up into 4 groups.Proles
Ordinary Party Members
Upper Party Members
Big Brother
Proles are CivFanatics Members not registered in the Citizens registry.
Proles are to be considered dangerous, and though discouaged party members are allowed to comunicate with them
A Oridanry Party Members is any one registered in the Civfanatics DemoGame Citizen Registry
A Upper Party Member must be Voted on in an initial election and they are then considered as Upper Party Members till the end of this demogame.
Their will be 4 Upper party members.
Upper Party members comunicate between Big Brother and the Other members.
The upper party member will agree on a Big Brother between them.
Big Brother with the help of the upper party will decide on the affaris of the Party.
Big Brother is Big Brother till the end of the demogame.

Leagues are sub groups of the party.
If a Leagues wants to be connected with the pary it's title must be"The Party: -insert-" it also must include the entire section of this post on INGSOC.
Legues should also not be surprised if The Party asks them for favors.

INGSOC and Religion
The Party will have not have free religion.
Since a lack of religion is not an option the party wishes to have compleate controll over are religion in *Oceania and all parts of the world.
Therefore Theocracy will be the goal religious civic.
INGSOC and the Economy
The Party wishes to control the entire economy.
For the party knows what is best for the people of *Oceania.
Because of it's views on Economy, the party wishes for the goverment to be Beuracracy and State Property.

The Ministries of the Party
Minitrue or the Ministry of Truth controlls the press of the Party.
They also are devoted to advanceing NewSpeak.
Minipax or the Ministry of Peace is in charge of the war and the strategies that the Party will support.
Miniluv or the Ministry of Love consists of the thought police. Their goal is to deal with those acused of thought crime.
Miniplenty or the Ministry of Pleanty is in charge of the resources that the party will seak out.
Joining one of the Ministies
All members are asked to join a Ministry.
Once in a ministry it is asked that you put the name of the ministry in your signature.
A list of Ministries that are looking for members is in the next post.
All members of the upper party are required to join a open party.
The Upper Party Members are set as the head of the Ministry they are in.

NewSpeak within The Party
NewSpeak is the official language of *Oceania.
NewSpeak is a branch off of English that is constantly eliminateing words.
NewSpeak is unique by being the only language to have a decreasing vocabulary.
Why have the word great when you could have plusgood for a really good things double plus good.
Bad can easily be replaced with ungood.
It is things like this that allow Newspeak to remove words daily.

Roll Playing within the Party
As should be obvious by now this is not just a Roleplaying thread.
The Party tries to be both a fun place for the citizens to roleplay, but it also intends on being a real political force.
If you wish to have a better idea of the Party Read the Book
*Will be changed to the name of our Country
**Will be changed depending on what is decided
This is a Devision of MiniTru